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🚚 Truck and Trailers Collection

📦 Description

This is a meticulously crafted collection of trucks, trailers, and seven semi-trailers, optimized for seamless integration into your projects. This versatile collection offers a range of features, including multiple LODs, 4K texture maps, customizable PSD source files, and more. Whether you’re creating a simulation, game, or visualization project, this collection is designed to elevate your experience.

🚛 Collection of Truck and 7 Semi-Trailers

The collection includes a truck and seven semi-trailers with the following features:

  • Optimized meshes
  • 3 LODs for each model
  • 4K albedo, normal and metallic maps
  • Separated moving parts
  • Albedo PSD-sources with layers for changing the colors, texts, logos
  • Customized prefabs with LOD-groups, lights and wheels

Please note that the cabin interior is not quite detailed for the first-person looking from the salon.

🔄 Version Updates



  • PDF-manual


  • Some wheels albedo textures to avoid encountering extrinsic lines on mip-maps



  • Semi-trailer Lowboy “PST-08ET”
  • Wheel “LB3500”



  • Semi-trailer container carrier “LU300”
  • Wheels “TFE”-1 and “TFE-2”
  • Backlights “VehLight KIVS SB-601”
  • Semi-trailer chassis “TSP94”
  • Headpiece “Logging WDN3502”
  • Headpiece “Drop-side BRT967”
  • Customized semi-trailers prefabs “Logging WDN3502 (chassis TSP94)”, “Drop-side BRT967 (chassis TSP94)” and “Container carrier LU300”


  • Added the spare wheel to “chassis semi-trailer LTS410”
  • Fixed the mesh of “chassis semi-trailer LTS410” (to fit the spare wheel)
  • Fixed the hierarchy of “MTruck 6×4 BLS” and “Chassis semi-trailer LTS410” objects (now each LOD1 and LOD2 is being a child to appropriate LOD0)
  • Fixed the incorrect UV0 of “OilTank_UNM2907_LOD1”
  • Optimized the source PSD-files, sizes are decreased
  • Removed all of the flares from vehicle lights prefabs (as well as light control scripts and materials)

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