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Simplified Overview of Premium Gem Icons Collection


Introducing our high-quality collection of over 100 unique and beautiful gem icons. These are specially designed for game developers who want to add a special touch to their projects. Each icon shows the true beauty of gemstones and includes a range of designs that cover different looks, themes, and types.

Unique Features

Dive into this special collection where each gemstone shows its uniqueness through bright colors, careful cuts, and different shapes. These gemstone icons show a range of bright colors and textures, from the hot glow of rubies to the cool look of sapphires, from the shiny sparkle of diamonds to the deep and mysterious look of obsidian.


Our icons are not just good-looking; they are also versatile. They work with many platforms and can be easily used in different gaming environments.

Use Cases

Whether you’re working on an RPG with magical treasures, a puzzle game with shiny rewards, or a strategy game where gems show power, our collection will meet all your needs.

Enhance Your Design

Push your creativity by using these icons in your design. They can improve the visual richness and interactive gaming experience. Each gemstone icon is precisely designed, offering high-quality graphics that look stunning on all screen resolutions.


Our collection was made with love by fellow game developers and is also proud of its authenticity. We have carefully looked at each gemstone to make sure that their designs accurately show the beauty and uniqueness of their real-world versions.

Add Charm to Your Game Design

Dive into the charm of these shiny and unique gem symbols and add a new level of interest and charm to your game design. Your search for the perfect character ends here with our amazing collection of gem symbols.

Technical Information

  • Image sizes: 2048px by 2048px
  • 112 Individual PNG’s with transparent backgrounds
  • File count: 112
  • Animated: No
  • Additional: pixel based
  • This asset pack has been developed with the help of generative AI software, Photoshop & Lightroom.

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