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UniStorm Overview 🌤️

Description 📝

UniStorm is the ultimate solution for AAA dynamic skies, weather, cloud shadows, and procedural volumetric clouds. UniStorm features over 100 customizable options to help bring environments to life. It’s incredibly powerful and gives you options to adjust every component in the sky.

URP Supported 🎮

UniStorm now supports URP for versions of Unity 2019.4.9 and higher. HDRP support is currently in development.

AAA Volumetric Clouds ☁️

UniStorm 4.0 brings the addition of a completely redesigned cloud system capable of creating AAA procedural, self-shadowing, PBR, volumetric clouds at a great frame rate and only using just one draw call!

Built-In Photon PUN 2 Network Support 🌐

UniStorm includes everything you need to get UniStorm working with PUN 2 that syncs UniStorm’s weather, time, and date with multiple players.

Atmospheric Fog 🌫️

Atmospheric fog which takes into account the sun and moon’s light direction and color which is applied to the scene, UniStorm clouds, and the skybox.

Cloud Shadows ☁️🌥️

Efficient real-time screen space cloud shadows that match the current cloud cover and cloud formations for added realism and visual quality.

4k Stars with Accurate Constellations 🌟

UniStorm’s night skies include 4k stars with accurate constellations.

Procedural Auroras 🌈

UniStorm allow users to customize auroras per weather type to adjust the intensities, colors, conditions, and more!

Performance 🚀

UniStorm’s volumetric clouds feature Temporal Reprojection and LODs with 4 quality settings (Low, Medium, High, and Ultra) each properly calculated to be far more efficient than the previous setting.

Built-in Lightweight Option 💡

UniStorm has a built-in lightweight 2D cloud options perfect for low end mobile devices or computers.

Dynamic Modular Weather ⛈️🌦️☀️

Modular Weather allows users to create custom weather types. Sand storms, auroras, hail storms, thunderstorms, etc are all possible. UniStorm comes with 31 weather types! These include, Auroras, Blowing Leaves, Blowing Snow, Blowing Grass, Lightning Bugs, Clear, Mostly Clear, Partly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Cloudy, Overcast, Foggy, Drizzle, Light Rain, Rain, Heavy Rain, Hail, Thunderstorm, Light Snow, Snow, Heavy Snow, Thunder Snow, Fire Rain, Firestorm, Dust Storm.

UniStorm Features Continued 🌦️

Cloud Profiles ☁️

UniStorm features customizable cloud profiles that each weather type can use. This allows you to customize the clouds’ appearance to give tons of variety to every weather type.

VR & Mobile Ready 📱🕶️

UniStorm’s all in one system also supports mobile and VR (Both Multi and Single Pass). There’s even an easy to use option that will automatically apply all of the optimal settings for the targeted platform while keeping users’ custom settings!

Advanced Weather Generation ⛈️

UniStorm generates weather based on the precipitation odds set from within the UniStorm Editor. The easy to use line graph allows users to set the odds for precipitation weather types for each month and UniStorm will generate weather accordingly.

Global Weather Shaders & Shading 🎨

UniStorm’s Global Weather Shader allows objects to receive rain and snow shading during rainy and snowy weather types. Rain shading allows surfaces to get shinier, but only on surfaces no greater than 90 degrees.

Weather and Weather Transitions 🌦️⛅

UniStorm allows users to create an endless amount of weather types that UniStorm will use. Each time the weather is changed, UniStorm will seamlessly transition it according to the global transition speed.

Procedural Lightning & Lightning Strikes ⚡

UniStorm’s Procedural Lightning system allows objects to be struck by lightning. Users can define the odds lightning has to strike the ground and objects.

Day/Night Cycle & Colors Control 🌞🌜

UniStorm allows you to adjust all colors of the environment and sky for each time of day such as the sun and moon colors, ambient light colors, shadow and cloud shadow intensities, fog colors, sky colors, environment reflection intensities, and more!

Time, Date, & Built-in Calendar 📅

UniStorm has a built-in time and date system that can help keep track of a player’s in-game time. UniStorm’s calendar is accurate and even the current time and date can be used.

Customizable Moon Phase System 🌙

UniStorm’s customizable moon phase system allows users to build their own moon phases. There are no caps to the amount of moon phases UniStorm can use. Users can preview their moon phases, and set the starting moon phase, right from within the UniStorm editor.

UniStorm Features Continued 🌤️

Weather Type Conditions 🌦️

Optional Weather Type Conditions make weather types have to reach certain conditions for them to be generated from UniStorm’s weather generator.

UniStorm Profiles 📂

Import and export your UniStorm settings to and from a UniStorm Profile. This allows users save their settings and transfer them between other UniStorm systems without having to manually apply colors and settings.

Time of Day Sounds and Music 🎵

UniStorm allows users to customize the sound effects and/or music that will play for each time of day. The amount of delay in between each sound effect and song can be customized.

Sound Manager 🔊

UniStorm’s Sound Manager handles all of your UniStorm created sounds using a generated Unity Audio Mixer. This gives you precise control over the Master, Ambience, Weather, and Music volumes which can be usable with user built UI or can be controlled within the UniStorm Editor.

Built-in Events 📅

UniStorm’s built-in events can get called every in-game hour, day, month, year, and even during a weather change allowing users to easily create added functionality for their games.

Included Examples 📚

UniStorm includes 6 example scenes all demonstrating different functionality you can do with UniStorm. A save example system is also included that allows users to save their in-game time, date, weather, temperature, and more with both a manual and auto-save option.

The Editor ✏️

UniStorm’s editor’s design has been heavy influenced by the feedback from its many users to be intuitive, powerful, and offer a low learning curve. UniStorm’s editor is self-documented so every component is explained right from within the editor via Tool Tips.

API & Documentation 📖

UniStorm’s API can help with additional game mechanics and features such as accessing the temperature, time, date, current weather, forecasted weather, season, and more. Tutorial videos and external documentation are included to help users get the most out of UniStorm.

CTS Weather Manager Support ☁️

UniStorm includes an external system to transition CTS’s weather shader for when it rains or snows allowing your terrain to be shaded with snow accumulation and wetness. (CTS not included)

Please note that additional assets shown are not included. The clouds cannot be flown through.

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