48 Weapon Loot Rpg Icon Pack - Free Download


RPG Icon Pack: An Overview

Prepare for thrilling combat and epic quests with the RPG Icon Pack, boasting 48 loot items. This dynamic set of icons is crafted to infuse your role-playing game with a sense of power, strategy, and thrill.

A Plethora of Weapon Icons

Our professionally designed weapon icons can enhance your gameplay and equip players with a diverse array of potent tools for their heroic deeds. From mighty swords, lethal fans, Molotov bombs, razor-sharp tridents, thin swords, robust axes, portable daggers, versatile nunchucks to iron and brass knuckles - we’ve got an arsenal that will fuel your players’ imagination.

Versatile and Rewarding

With a collection of over 48 distinct icons, they can be seamlessly integrated into various popular 2D game genres such as role-playing, racing, action, missions, adventure, and even strategy. These badges are more than just symbols of power and bravery. They can also function as valuable rewards and progression items within the game world.

Symbols of Achievement

As players delve into perilous dungeons, vanquish formidable foes, and accomplish challenging tasks, these weapon loot icons transform into badges of their achievements and aids for their adventures.

Easy Customization

With Adobe Illustrator’s vector editor, you can effortlessly add a unique touch to any element.


  • Quantity: 48 unique icons
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG
  • Resolution: 256×256

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