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Auto Hand: VR Physics Interaction System



Auto Hand is a high-quality, user-friendly, and highly customizable physics interaction system designed for VR. It includes an automatic pose generation system that configures a hand’s shape on grab, working well with all primitive colliders and mesh colliders. The package also includes a fully loaded movement controller with features like smooth movement, teleporting, climbing, and static head collision guard systems.


  • User-Friendly: Easy to set up with prefabs and customizable to suit your game.
  • Quality and Performance: Includes a setup wizard with quality options to ensure the best quality based on your project’s constraints.
  • Compatibility: Supports Unity 2019.4 -> 2023+.
  • Platform Support: Can be applied to any rigged hand model with any number of fingers and will connect to any VR controller/input framework with ease.

Detailed Features


  • Hand Grab Projection
  • Hand Projection Highlight
  • High-Quality Physics Touch Interaction
  • Automatic Grab Pose Solver
  • Smooth Animation, Grabbable-to-Hand, and Instant Grab Options
  • Advanced Saved Grab Pose Options
  • Distance Grabbing System
  • Pose Area Driver
  • Accurate Throwing
  • Catching
  • Smashing Events
  • Finger Sway Options
  • Haptic Support


  • Held Pose Animations
  • Custom Stable Held Joints
  • Gentle Grab Option
  • Weightless Grabbable Options
  • Weight/Mass On Grabbables
  • Multi-Handed Grabbing
  • One-Handed Item Swapping
  • Instant Grabbing or Timed Grabbing
  • Highlighting Material Option and Events
  • Grab/Release/Squeeze/Unsqueeze Events
  • Pull-Apart Events
  • Velocity Based Sound Examples

Rigidbody Movement System

Includes features like Rigidbody Movement System, Head Collision, Climbing (with body throwing), Body Pushing, Platforms, Flying, Stepping/Slopes, Height/Crouching, Teleporter, and Automatic Height Smoothing.

Additional Features

Includes examples for popular input systems like Unity XR Input, Unity OpenXR Action Input, SteamVR (With Index Finger Bending Example), Oculus Integration (With Finger Tracking Example), and more. It also includes full-body support through Rootmotion FinalIK and a Quest Hand Tracking Demo.

Auto Hand makes robust use of Unity Events and Tooltip documentation, making it a powerful and user-friendly tool. It includes examples for physics button, lever, slider, dial, wheel, door w/ handle UI interaction system, hand collision touch event driver, hand trigger area event driver, stabbing examples, stickies examples, place point driver, throw collision event driver, smashing and smashee event drivers. The code is well documented with tooltips.

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