City Bus with Interior 3 - Free Download


🚌 City Bus with Interior 3: Medium Poly 3D Model 🎮

This model is perfect for use in games and other real-time applications. It has been meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail and realistic proportions, ensuring correct geometry. The highly detailed textures make this model suitable for close-ups.

🎨 Features:

  • Structure: The model is correctly divided into the main part and animation parts.
  • Components: The wheel and door are separated, along with the steering wheel.
  • Textures: It comes with 4K Textures.
  • Unwrapping: The model is completely unwrapped.
  • Materials: The model is fully textured with all materials applied.
  • Animation: Pivot points are correctly placed to suit the animation process.
  • Naming: All nodes, materials, and textures are appropriately named.
  • Realism: The 3D model is based on a real bus, created according to the original dimensions.

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