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Ultimate Action Game: Lock 'n Load! 🎮🔫

Overview 🌐

Get ready for the ultimate action game that combines the thrill of platform-style games with the excitement of 2D shooters. Navigate using the pad, tap to jump and shoot, and switch between different guns and grenades!

Highlights ✨

Easy Implementation 💻

Implement with just 2–3 lines of code.

Custom ASCII Fonts 🅰️

Comes with 5 bonus custom ASCII fonts.

Optimisations ⚡

Pooling and threading optimisations for smooth gameplay.

Preset Buttons 🖲️

Several preset buttons for style, fading, and behaviour.

3D Features 🕹️

  • Face Camera: Ensures the game always faces the camera.
  • Render Through Objects: Allows rendering through other objects.
  • Consistent Screen Size: Maintains a consistent screen size.
  • Soft Collision: Spreads popups during collisions.

Customisation 🎛️

  • Highly customizable fade in and fade out.
  • Choose between lerp or velocity movement.
  • Follow GameObject feature maintains offset to transform.
  • Vibration, start rotation, rotate over time features.
  • Scale by number (larger number means larger scale) or scale over time.
  • Push feature pushes nearby popups by an offset.

Additional Features 🎮

  • Combination feature combines and adds up.
  • Destruction feature clears existing popups.
  • Lots of text formatting options and can display decimals.
  • Clean inspector with tooltips and hints.
  • Uses TextMeshPro for superior text quality.

New in Version 4 🆕

  • 3-4x better performance.
  • GUI support (highly requested).
  • 5 custom ASCII fonts.
  • Several new features (see patch notes).

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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