Garage Man Cave - Free Download


📦 Package Contents 📚

This package includes a variety of models and materials to help you create your scene:

  • Base Models: The package contains 11 base FBX models.
  • Props Models: In addition, there are 77 props FBX models included.
  • Textures: There is 1 main texture with a resolution of 2048×2048.
  • Materials: The package includes 1 main material and 2 additional materials (for lamps and TV).
  • Demo Scene: A demo scene with lightmap is included to help you get started.
  • TV Instruction: An easy instruction on how to add your video to the TV is provided.
  • UV Mapping: All objects have two UVs for better texture mapping.
  • Mobile Ready: The package is optimized and ready for mobile deployment.

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