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NG Tools Package Overview

NG Tools is a package that contains 23 tools designed to enhance your Unity experience.

Key Features

Remote Control Tools

  • NG Remote Scene Pro: Control the scene on a device from the Unity Editor.
  • NG Remote Camera: Watch the scene on a device from the Unity Editor.
  • NG Remote Static Inspector: Inspect or edit any classes containing static fields or properties.

Replay Tools

  • NG Replay: Watch the last seconds seen from the NG Remote Camera and save them to your disk to replay them. It also contains inputs from the mouse, keyboard, touch, and more.

Console Tools

  • NG Console: A powerful console that surpasses Unity’s Console.
  • NG Game Console: A runtime console that can append a command-line interface and remotely execute commands from NG Console.

Search and Organization Tools

  • NG Spotlight: Search any asset (texture, material, game object, component, etc.) or menu based on your keywords.
  • NG Hub: Gather all the shortcuts you ever wanted in one place.
  • NG Fav: Save all your favorite groups of assets in the same place. It can even save your runtime game object!

Inspector Tools

  • NG Inspector Gadget: A collection of tools to improve your experience in Inspector.
  • NG Missing Script Recovery: Restore all your missing scripts in one click.
  • NG Scenes: Manage all scenes in your project in the same place.
  • NG Draggable Object: Smartly drag and drop object fields in the Inspector.
  • NG Components Inspector: Easily inspect two components at the same time.

Finder Tools

  • NG Asset Finder: Look for every reference to an object in the scene or an asset in the project.
  • NG Shader Finder: Look for every material using a given shader.

Other Useful Tools

  • NG Hierarchy Enhancer: Interact with game objects directly from the hierarchy without needing to select them.
  • NG Prefs: Alter editor or player preferences directly in the Unity Editor.
  • NG Nav Selection: Record all your selections. Switch selections using the buttons Previous or Next on your mouse. (Windows only)
  • NG Renamer: Easily and massively rename any assets in Unity or folders or files on your computer.
  • NG Sync Folders: Smartly synchronize slave folders with a master. Ideal for working on many instances of your project.
  • NG Fullscreen Bindings: Maximize any window you want, using F1 to F12.

Additional Features

There’s more inside! The package also includes:

  • The attribute GroupAttribute: Gathers fields in Inspector
  • An integrated tool to easily generate scriptable objects
  • A tool to know the association between an asset and a GUID

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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