Realistic Trees Ultimate Pack - Free Download


Realistic Trees Ultimate Pack: Optimized for Mobile Platforms


The Realistic Trees Ultimate Pack is a collection of 24 distinct tree models, optimized for mobile platforms and compatible with Standard pipelines. This pack includes a highly optimized translucency and wind shader that delivers stunning visuals at zero performance cost.

Demo Included

Explore the prefabs in the included demo to get a feel for what this pack can do.


The pack includes 24 different tree models, each with three variations. The models are already optimized, eliminating the need for additional LODs. Here’s a breakdown of the poly-count for each prefab:

  • Banana_01: 44.5k Triangles, 35.5k Vertex
  • Banana_02: 26.5k Triangles, 22.9k Vertex
  • Banana_03: 31.0k Triangles, 25.9k Vertex
  • Bamboo_01: 3.4k Triangles, 10.2k Vertex
  • Bamboo_02: 15.4k Triangles, 20.7k Vertex
  • Bamboo_03: 17.0k Triangles, 17.2k Vertex
  • Maple_01: 55.7k Triangles, 79.2k Vertex
  • Maple_02: 54.8k Triangles, 78.5k Vertex
  • Maple_03: 55.6k Triangles, 79.9k Vertex
  • Pine_01: 14.1k Triangles, 12.3k Vertex
  • Pine_02: 22.4k Triangles, 22.1k Vertex
  • Pine_03: 16.2k Triangles, 18.4k Vertex
  • Willow_01: 38.2k Triangles, 33.2k Vertex
  • Willow_02: 34.8k Triangles, 30.5k Vertex
  • Willow_03: 38.2k Triangles, 33.2k Vertex
  • Spruce_01: 22.8k Triangles, 25.1k Vertex
  • Spruce_02: 17.3k Triangles, 19.8k Vertex
  • Spruce_03: 18.6k Triangles, 21.1k Vertex
  • Beech_01: 37.2k Triangles, 49.4k Vertex
  • Beech_02: 24.3k Triangles, 30.1k Vertex
  • Beech_03: 27.9k Triangles, 36.1k Vertex
  • Palm_01: 29.6k Triangles, 25.3k Vertex
  • Palm_02: 18.6k Triangles,16.9 kVertex
  • Palm_03:24 .0 kTriangles ,21 .2 kVertex


All diffuse and normal maps are in .png format with dimensions of 1024×1024.


For optimal rendering results, enable post-processing in the package manager and add a layer called “post process” in the main camera.


These files are intended for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version.

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