Stylized Water 2 - Free Download


🎨 Artistic Water Rendering Package Overview 🌊

This package offers a highly customizable solution for your artistic needs, focusing on providing artistic freedom rather than a realistic water simulation. It’s easy to use and self-documented.

🌈 Shading Features 🖌️

  • Modes: Unlit, Simple and Advanced shading modes for both low- and high-end graphics.
  • Color Controls: Deep, shallow and horizon color controls.
  • Foam Effects: Intersection foam effect with opaque geometry, based on scene-depth or vertex colors with adjustable surface foam.
  • Wave Animations: GPU-driven, layered wave animations.
  • Caustics: Animated caustics in shallow water.
  • Translucency: Translucency rendering from all light types.
  • Light Reflections: Control over Directional and Point/Spot light reflections with separate control over environment reflections.
  • Sparkles: Sparkles based on normal map.
  • Refraction: Refraction distorts objects behind the water surface.
  • Tiling: UV- or world-projected tiling for seamless water.
  • Vertex Color Support: Vertex color support to control foam, underwater fog and wave height.
  • Transparency Mask: Transparency mask to hide the water inside objects such as boats.
  • River Mode: River mode for directional animations and slope-based foam.
  • Distance Normals: Distance normals for tiling reduction.

⚙️ Technical Features 🔧

  • UI: Clean, accordion-style, material UI with tooltips and notifications.
  • Tessellation Support: Tessellation support, dynamically subdivides triangles (adaptive & distance-based).
  • API Integration: C# API to read the wave height/normal. Integration for Dynamic Water Physics 2.
  • Planar Reflections Renderer Component: Robustly designed and scalable.
  • Water Grid Component: Creates water tiles which can follow a specific transform/camera.
  • Utility Tool: Utility to create subdivided plane/circle mesh assets.

📦 Includes 🎁

  • Tropical beach demo scene
  • Several pre-configured water materials
  • Several foam and normal map textures (custom made)
  • Set of particle effects, designed for gameplay and environment enhancement (flipbooks with normal maps)

💻 Performance 🚀

Hand-written, expertly crafted shader for maximum performance and complete flexibility. Features can be disabled, making it scalable to use on mobile platforms. Down from a simple colored plane up to a vivid animated lake.

⚠️ Limitations ❗

Built for 3D rendering. Can’t be used with the 2D Renderer or Tilemaps. Planar reflections are disabled in VR. Not ideal for planetary rendering (texture seams would be unavoidable).

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