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Survivor Girl 1: Game Character Design

Concept and Description

Survivor Girl 1 plays a central role in your game, either as the heroic protagonist or a formidable adversary. Begin by establishing a clear concept that defines her role and character traits. Decide whether she will be a symbol of hope or a menacing zombie-infected antagonist. Design her appearance, attire, and any unique features that set her apart in the game world.

Low-Poly Modeling

Efficient low-poly modeling techniques are crucial to strike a balance between visual quality and game performance. Create Survivor Girl 1’s model while keeping the polygon count low. Focus on preserving essential details that define her character while avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Textures and Materials

Craft textures and materials that align with Survivor Girl 1’s character. Consider adding battle scars, survival gear, or ghastly wounds, depending on her role in the game. These details enhance her visual impact and immersion.

Rigging and Animation

To make Survivor Girl 1 adaptable in various in-game situations, rig her for animation. Develop a set of animations that allow her to perform actions smoothly. These animations could encompass running, attacking, reacting to encounters, and more, depending on her role.

AI Behavior (If an Enemy)

If Survivor Girl 1 is cast as an adversary, design her AI behavior accordingly. Define her strategies, tactics, and reactions in line with her character traits and the challenges she poses to players.

Technical Details


There are emotions of smile, surprise, sadness, anger, blinking of eyes, puffing and swelling of cheeks, moving eyes and nose, moving eyebrows.

Textures Resolution and Sets

Textures Resolution and Sets : 4096×4096 (normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, AO) – Body, Clothes, Eyes, Hair, Mouth.

Model Details

The model is built on Humanoid rigged.If the starting pose of your animations is slightly different from the pose in the model, you will need to slightly tweak the position of the bones in the config)

Basic hair textures are white so you can easily change them to any color you want.

Survivor Girl- Full set.

verts: 30170 faces: 25041 tris: 47772

*Separate polygon: Body – verts: 10947 faces: 11600 tris: 20948;

Hair – verts: 14225 faces: 8851 tris: 17702;

Cloth – verts: 4998 faces: 4590 tris: 9122.


Low poly mesh for use in games and mobile projects. General polygon of weapons for 1 texture set: Verts – 1177 Faces – 1241 Tris – 2334 *Separate polygon: * ax – Verts – 440 Faces – 456 Tris – 872 hammer – 128 – 1177 Faces – 148 Tris -252 bats – Verts – 302 Faces – 320 Tris – 600 shovels – Verts – 307 Faces – 317 Tris – 610

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