The Beautiful Portal/Level up/Teleport/Warp VFX - Free Download


🎮 Game VFX Overview 🌟

Welcome to a stunning collection of game visual effects (VFX) that will elevate your gaming experience!

🌀 Portal VFX Styles 🎨

We offer 7 unique styles of Portal VFX to add a touch of magic to your game!

💡 Light and Heavy Versions 💪

Each Portal style comes in both a Light and Heavy version, allowing you to choose the intensity that best suits your game’s atmosphere.

🔄 Prefab Options 🔄

For each version, we provide a ‘no loop’ and an ‘infinite’ Prefab. That’s a total of 28 Prefabs for you to play with! 😃

🔧 Made with Unity 🔧

All VFX are crafted using Unity’s Particle System and basic Unity shaders. No custom shaders are used, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

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