Uduino Plugin: Wifi for esp8266 and esp32


Uduino WiFi Plugin: A Quick Guide


The Uduino WiFi plugin is a fantastic tool that enables wireless communication between Arduino and Unity. The best part? There’s no extra configuration needed if you’re already using Uduino!

Getting Started with Uduino WiFi Plugin

To start using the Uduino WiFi plugin, you’ll need to import it into Unity and follow the installation procedure.

Step 1: Install the New Arduino Library

The first step is to install the new Arduino library.

Step 2: Upload the Uduino_Wifi Code

Next, upload the Uduino_Wifi code to your board. If you already have existing code, you can simply upgrade it.

Step 3: Toggle “Wifi” on the Inspector Panel

On the inspector panel, make sure to toggle “Wifi”.

Step 4: You’re Ready to Go!

That’s it! You’re now ready to use the Uduino WiFi plugin. Enjoy wireless communication between your Arduino and Unity.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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