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Altos: Volumetric Clouds


Make your game look beautiful with Altos: Volumetric Clouds. Our realistic skybox helps your environment attract and immerse players. This kit has everything you need to make your world an immersive environment.

Dynamic Clouds

The dramatic clouds move and animate. They respond to the time of day with dynamic lighting. Transition from cloudy atmospheres to desert skies in seconds. Our interactive clouds blend into the atmospheric fog. They incorporate direct lighting from the sun and cast shadows. And they use our real-time ambient lighting to match your environment.

Sky Changes Over Time

The entire sky changes over time. Our day night cycle transitions from daytime to nighttime. All part of our daytime simulation that you control. The procedural skybox works. Celestial bodies, like the sun and moon, animate across the sky. All part of a realistic astronomical simulation. At nighttime, watch as the stars come out. And the starry sky illuminates your world.


Are you building a stylized, realistic, pixel art, or low poly game? Our dynamic sky will make your immersive environments stand out. Are you making a fantasy, horror, medieval, RPG, JRPG, or sci fi project?

Gameplay Elements

Build new gameplay elements with our interactive clouds and time of day system. Forget about a boring static skybox generator or flat skybox textures. With a skybox pack, your game will never feel immersive. Your players will never feel like they are in nature. Instead, use Altos to create a believable atmos, and players will love your game.

Weather Simulation

Help your game come to life with our integrated weather simulation. Clouds zip across the sky. Our lightweight weather simulation sells your dynamic sky. Or, you can take weather control with a configurable Weathermap. Want your volumetric clouds in the shape of a flying star? If you can dream it, you can make it.

Skybox Customization

Achieve the ultimate skybox customization. Make the most beautiful scenic skies. Our skybox package is a procedural sky with dynamic lighting. Sit back and watch animated clouds, skies, suns, moons, and stars move overhead.


Our optimized, game ready procedural sky system has got your back. Designed with excessive quality and care. Your players will think you’re using HDRP or Unreal Engine. We know that performance is important. That’s why we designed our sky to be fast. Altos is compatible with water and vegetation, too. Whether your game is set in the ocean or in the forest, this skybox toolkit is for you.

Compatibility with VFX

Our skybox package is also compatible with VFX. If your fantasy wizard casts a magical spell, it’ll look right. You are in control. This asset is optimized. It is super quick. And you can make it even faster. Forget about using a skybox editor. Everything you need is right here. Quality, optimized, game ready.


Game developers who have already bought Altos LOVE it ✨ “Altos is the most definitive and beautiful sky, cloud and day/night cycle system around! It worked beautifully on my project and is so easy to setup to get gorgeous looking clouds that rival industry standouts such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.” – eggymelon

“Beautiful clouds and skyboxes that are incredibly easy to implement, with a day/night cycle thrown in to boot like a cherry on top. Everyone needs this!” – Fortypoundbaby

“The clouds and sky look and work great, and the developer offers amazing and fast support on Discord!” – Furgl

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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