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Big Environment Pack Reforged: Spawner Settings Overview

This document provides a comprehensive guide on the spawner settings for the Big Environment Pack Reforged by Philipp Schmidt. These settings are designed to be used with GeNa Pro and, optionally, Gaia Pro 2021.

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Sample Workflow with BEPR Spawner Pack Asset

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create or enhance your scene using the BEPR Spawner Pack asset.

Step 1: Terrain Creation with Gaia Pro 2021

Start by creating your terrain using Gaia Pro 2021.

Step 2: Scene Population with GeNa Pro

Next, populate your scene using GeNa Pro. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Manually place castles, ruins and rock clusters with a single click.
  • Add rivers, roads and even whole streets along splines using GeNa Pro.
  • Add a wide range of props, all perfectly placed, with more clicks.
  • Paint in trees, bushes, small rocks, and other small detail assets.

Step 3: Scene Finalization and Optimization with Gaia Pro

Finally, finalize and optimize your scene using Gaia Pro.

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