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World Streamer: A Memory Streaming and Optimization System

World Streamer is a memory streaming and optimization system that allows you to stream your entire game from a disc in any axis and space. It can also change the background of your scene into a low poly representation. This system is perfect for creating endless space games, 2D platformers, 3rd person, cloud point viewers, or any kind of game without loading screens during player movement. You can even create an endless looped world.

Key Features

  • Floating Point Error Fix System: This feature helps to fix any floating point errors in the system.
  • Looped World System: Allows you to create an endless looped world.
  • Low Poly Mesh Background Generator: This feature generates a low poly mesh background for terrain and trees.
  • Multi-scene Editing Support: Supports editing multiple scenes simultaneously.
  • Multiple Layers Streaming: Allows streaming of multiple layers.
  • Support for Multiple Devs Working in One Area: This feature is perfect for teams that work in the same area.
  • Removes World Size Restrictions: Removes any restrictions on world size and slows down in Unity editor at huge or extremely detailed scenes.
  • Ring Streaming: This feature replaces the objects according to the distance.
  • Collider Hit Streaming Option: This option allows you to stream rooms and floors, only when a player hits room/floor area collider.
  • Support for Extremely Big Worlds: This system can support extremely big worlds.
  • Easy Automatic Processes: These processes will save your development time.
  • Work in Any Axis and Space: This system can work in any axis and space: 2d, 3d, vertical, horizontal.
  • Reduce RAM, CPU, GPU, VRAM Usage of Your Game: This system helps to reduce the usage of RAM, CPU, GPU, VRAM of your game.
  • Reduce the Number of Objects in Your Scene: This feature reduces the number of objects in your scene.
  • Spawned Player Support: This system supports spawned players.
  • Physics Manager: This feature manages the physics of the game.
  • Load Your World in the Background (Async Loading): This feature allows you to load your world in the background.
  • Compatible with Amplify, Graphine and Any Other Texture Stream System: This system is compatible with amplify, graphine and any other texture stream system.
  • Loading Screen System: This feature provides a loading screen system.
  • LOD System for Split Terrains: This feature provides a LOD system for split terrains.
  • Our Floating Point System Supports Unity Dynamic Navmesh: Our floating point system supports unity dynamic navmesh.
  • Innovative Local Area Updater: This feature provides an innovative local area updater.
  • Terrain Culling System Based on Camera View: This feature provides a terrain culling system based on camera view.
  • GI and Lighting Manager: This feature provides a GI and lighting manager.
  • Occlusion Culling Support: This system supports occlusion culling.
  • Terrain Manager to Cut Your Terrain into Parts: This feature provides a terrain manager to cut your terrain into parts.
  • Fully Commented Open-Source Code: The system comes with fully commented open-source code that will help you to work with World.

With just a few clicks, your game is ready to be loaded from your disc! Now your scenes are as big as you want, without any limits. You could work on the local area and update the world by 2 buttons in our local area updater. You could also separate your world into layers like lighting, AI, and geometry or even separate them into local areas. It’s a perfect solution for teams that work in the same area. World Streamer is also useful for architectural presentation or in any application that you need to use as low memory as possible. With streaming you will reduce object count in your scene. That will save your CPU and GPU power and you will only load them if they are necessary. Collider streaming gives you the ability to stream rooms and floors, only when a player hits room/floor area collider. You could build whole towns with interiors without performance hits. Ring streaming will replace your unity terrains with low poly meshes in the far distance. Now you can stream your open world from disc in a few clicks.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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