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Simple Explanation

What You Need

You need MicroVerse, MicroVerse-Splines, and the Unity spline package to use this system. Check the installation notes for more details.

About the System

The MicroVerse - Roads system helps you make roads for MicroVerse. It uses MicroVerse and the MicroVerse-Splines module to change the terrain without destroying it. You can see the changes right away, and you don’t need to bake anything. You can also use it to make caves, rollercoasters, train tracks, and pipelines.

How to Get Help

Join our Discord Group for help. You can also use your invoice to get the latest versions from the Git depots.


You can make complex road networks with this system. You can add things like guard rails and sidewalks. You can also put objects next to the road. If you change the road, the objects will move too. The system also has special shaders for the roads and props. These shaders work with weather systems like Enviro and Weather Maker. This means you can show things like wet surfaces, puddles, rain drops, and snow on your roads. The roads are not just flat planes. They have thickness and depth. This makes it easy to make things like roller coasters, train tracks, or pipelines.

What’s Included

The demo includes different types of roads, intersections, textures, and props. It also has content for rollercoasters, pipelines, and trains.

Installation Note

There’s a bug in the Unity Package manager that might stop you from installing this module. If this happens, install the module before you install MicroVerse. Or, join our discord and register your invoice to get access to the GitHub repository.

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Asset Store Link https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/microverse-roads-208590

“Please donate as much as you can for this asset. As soon as the payment is complete, I will buy it and add the download link.”

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