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250+ Survival Flat Icons for Unity


Enhance your survival game development with the 250+ Survival Flat Icons pack, featuring 257 flat icons meticulously crafted for a wide range of in-game elements.

Icon Categories

This versatile icon pack covers various categories, including:

  • Weapons: Arm your players with a diverse selection of weaponry.
  • Tools: Equip characters with essential tools for survival.
  • Storage: Various icons representing storage solutions.
  • Ingredients: Items for crafting and creating.
  • Workshop Materials: Resources for crafting in workshops.
  • Medicine (and Vitality): Health-related items and vitality indicators.
  • Electric Devices: Icons for electronic gadgets and devices.
  • Books, Documents, and Papers: In-game reading materials and documentation.
  • Nature: Icons reflecting elements from the natural world.
  • Backpacking Items: Gear for backpacking adventures.
  • Camping Items: Essentials for a camping experience.
  • Food and Cooking Items: Culinary items for sustenance.
  • Valuables: Precious and valuable in-game items.
  • House Building Materials: Resources for constructing shelters and structures.

Use Cases

  • Survival Games: Perfect for a variety of survival game scenarios.
  • Game Development: Streamline your game development process with ready-to-use icons.
  • Visual Consistency: Maintain visual consistency across your game elements.


  • Diverse Selection: Choose from a broad range of icons tailored for survival game elements.
  • Flat Design: Consistent flat design for a modern and visually appealing look.
  • Easy Integration: Seamless integration into Unity projects for efficient development.

Empower your survival game development with the 250+ Survival Flat Icons pack, providing a comprehensive set of icons for a wide array of in-game items and scenarios.

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