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Character Movement Fundamentals: Versatile Rigid Body-Based System for Unity


Character Movement Fundamentals is a comprehensive rigid body-based character movement system designed to simplify the creation of characters that move believably in any 3D game environment. This pack includes scripts, components, and prefabs to offer a versatile and flexible solution for various game genres, from fast-paced first-person shooters to atmospheric third-person adventures or 2.5D side-scrollers.

Key Features

  • Versatile and Customizable: A highly adaptable character control system that suits diverse game styles.
  • Terrain Handling: The character controller smoothly navigates any terrain, handling slopes, stairs, and steep inclines with ease.
  • Terrain Detection Methods: Choose from three terrain detection methods to optimize your game for different platforms.
  • Universal Camera System: Accommodates various camera perspectives, including first person, third person, top-down, etc.
  • Example Scenes: Three example scenes showcasing all package features for quick learning and implementation.
  • Ready-to-Use Preset Controllers: 16 preset controllers available for instant use without additional configuration.
  • User Manual and Source Code: Detailed user manual and fully documented source code for comprehensive understanding.
  • Optimized for Rapid Prototyping: Includes basic environment building blocks and a fully featured animated low-poly character model, perfect for rapid prototyping.

Use Cases

  • Fast-Paced FPS: Ideal for creating characters in fast-paced first-person shooter games.
  • Atmospheric Third-Person Adventures: Enhance character movement in atmospheric third-person adventure games.
  • 2.5D Side-Scrollers: Well-suited for implementing character movement in 2.5D side-scrolling games.


  • Physically Believable Movements: Rigid body-based system for character movements that respond believably to the game environment.
  • Ease of Integration: Versatility and flexibility make integration seamless across various game genres.
  • Terrain Compatibility: Smooth navigation on slopes, stairs, and varied terrains for an immersive gaming experience.
  • User-Friendly Documentation: Detailed user manual and source code documentation for easy understanding and implementation.

Streamline your character movement development process with Character Movement Fundamentals, offering a versatile and customizable solution for Unity game creators.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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