POLYGON Farm – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty - Free Download


Low-Poly Farm Asset Pack


This asset pack is a collection of low-poly structures, vehicles, characters, plants, and props crafted to construct a farm-themed polygonal-style game environment.

Included Content

  • Buildings (15): Features various structures including barns, farmhouses, greenhouse, silos, and more.
  • Props (165): Diverse props like bee hives, fences, tools, old trucks, windmills, and more to enhance the farm scenery.
  • Plants (173): A wide array of crops such as sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes, corn, and more for farming visuals.
  • Environment Elements (67): Includes dirt rows, ponds, fruit trees, roads, flowers, and other environmental features to set the scene.
  • Characters (6): Character models like farmers of different ages, farm kids, and a scarecrow to populate the farm.
  • Vehicles (11): Assorted vehicles such as harvesters, pickup trucks, modern and old tractors, and various trailers for added realism.

Detailed Demo Scene

The asset pack includes a comprehensive demo scene that showcases the utilization of these assets, offering a detailed layout for reference.

This pack provides an extensive range of assets, enabling developers to create a charming and vibrant farm-themed game in a low-poly style.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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