Compass Navigator Pro 2

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       File Size: 4.40MB

       Latest Version: 2 v1.9 (Latest Version)

       License Agreement: Yes

       Minimum Unity Version: 2020.3.0f1



Compass Navigator Pro 2 is a comprehensive and robust UI system commonly used in adventure, RPG and world exploration games to display destinations, points or areas of interests (POIs), as well as text indications.

The ultimate UI navigation system comprises compass bar, mini-map with fog of war, radar mode, screen indicators, beacon effect, full-screen scrollable map and more.


Compass Bar.

Mini-map with fog of war and full-screen mode.

A radar system with an accurate ring distance.

Target and off-screen indicators with the anti-overlap system.

beacon/heartbeat effects.

Key Features:

Very easy to use: just drag & drop Compass Navigator prefab into your scene and you are ready to go. Enable and customize features from a centralized inspector. Add POIs (points of interest) to any location or game object by adding Compass Pro POI component. You can customize specific options for each POI.

Complete with powerful options: every component has various additional options that will make your UI look professional like curved compass bar or cone of view, LUT/color grading controls in your mini-map etc…

It is interactive: it includes a lot of game-ready features such as interactive mini-maps (allowing users to click or hover on POIs; enter full screen map mode; zoom/pan around).

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