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License agreement: Yes

File size: 205.56 MB

Latest Version: 1.0

Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

Sword Fighting Made Easy!

This bundle has everything you need to create a sword fighting game in Unity.

  • Tons of Animations: Over 170 animations for characters with swords, including walking, running, attacking, parrying, and more.
  • Easy to Use Drag-and-Drop System: Quickly add characters and enemies to your game with simple drag-and-drop controls. No coding required!
  • Mecanim Compatible: Works with Unity's Mecanim animation system.
  • Multiple Rigs Supported: Animations can be used with Mecanim Humanoid Rig, Generic Rig, or Legacy Rig.
  • Everything You Need: Includes sample characters, a sword, shield, prefabs for players and enemies, and even a health system!

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

  • Animations: Walking, running, attacks, parries, dodges, hits, knockdowns, getting up, and more!
  • Models: Saracen character, sword, and shield (all with high-quality textures)
  • Prefabs: Player, enemy (with AI and navigation), health system, and more!

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