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Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

Multiplayer VR Template

This asset is a comprehensive Multiplayer VR template that utilizes Photon PUN 2 FREE for multiplayer capabilities, Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit for VR functionality, and includes two different half-body VR avatars for the VR avatar system.

Use this asset to create your own multiplayer social VR experiences or integrate multiplayer VR into your existing project. It comes with essential systems for multiplayer VR, including:

  • Player Login: Login with a player name.
  • VR Keyboard: For easy input in VR.
  • VR Full Body: Full-body avatar support.
  • Avatar Customization: System with UMA 2 for extensive avatar customization.
  • Room Management: Create and join virtual rooms by map type.
  • Environments: Includes two different environments: Outdoor and School.
  • Synchronization: Full multiplayer VR synchronization, including full VR body sync and player movement synchronization with teleportation.
  • Networked Grabbing: Enables networked object interactions.
  • Voice Chat: Easy implementation with Photon Voice 2.
  • Editor Scripts: Simplifies multiplayer testing in the editor.
  • Private Rooms: Create private rooms with room names as passwords.

Key Scripts:

  • MultiplayerVRPlayerSynchronization: Handles player synchronization in VR.
  • NetworkedGrabbing: Manages networked grabbing functionality.
  • RoomManager: Controls room creation and management.
  • SpawnManager: Manages player spawning.
  • MultiplayerTesting: Facilitates testing of multiplayer features.
  • PlayerNetworkSetup: Sets up player networking.
  • LoginManager: Manages the login process.

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