Mega Animations Pack - Free Download


This pack contains a variety of animations for different characters and scenarios. You can use them to create lively and realistic scenes in your games or projects. Some of the animations included are:

  • Archer Animations: Run, sprint, jump, idle, combat, take damage, sheath and unsheath bow, and get arrow.
  • Basic Moves: Walk, run, jump, crouch, roll, climb, swim, and slide.
  • Wizard Animations: Cast spells, summon creatures, teleport, levitate, and use magic items.
  • Dance Animations: Dance in different styles such as hip hop, salsa, ballet, and breakdance.
  • Melee Animations: Attack, defend, parry, dodge, and counter with various weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, and daggers.
  • Soldier Animations: Shoot, reload, aim, throw grenades, and use cover with different firearms such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, and snipers.
  • Throwing Animations: Throw different objects such as rocks, knives, bottles, and balls with different trajectories and forces.
  • Villager Animations: Perform different tasks such as farming, fishing, cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

The pack also features:

  • Over 300 animations for humanoids that can be used with any humanoid rig or model.
  • Various models of mannequins and ready-made models that you can use as placeholders or customize to your liking.
  • Models of basic and ready-made accessories that you can attach to your characters such as hats, glasses, backpacks, and weapons.
  • Various example scenes that demonstrate how to use the animations in different settings and situations.

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