MIS-LockOn - Free Download


MIS-LockOn is an add-on for Invector that operates on the Middleware For Invector Template (MIS). It requires INVECTOR THIRD PERSON TEMPLATE v2.6.3+ and Middleware For Invector Template v2.7.3+. The Invector Template, one of the best controllers, can be enhanced with MIS and MIS Packages. If you’re unfamiliar with MIS, watch the MIS v2 Quick Setup Guide.

MIS-LockOn integrates Targeting (Including Lock-On) and Target Indicator features, providing improved performance and easy customization. Attacking enemies while moving quickly is difficult, and developing various weapons without MIS-LockOn’s features is also challenging. A better system is needed to target an increasing number of enemies.

All MIS combat packages, including MIS-Motorcycle, MIS-MagicSpell, and others, will be developed based on MIS-LockOn. This allows players to experience a faster, more varied, and easier combat system.

MIS-LockOn provides several key benefits, including an all-in-one setup, high performance, finding targets options, LockOn, Auto LockOn, Target Indicators, easy indicator setup and tuning, support for Emerald AI v3.2.0+, a demo scene, no modification to Invector core, and feature-based operation of all MIS Packages.

The quick setup sequence is as follows: #1 INVECTOR #2 MIS #3 MIS-LockOn.

Please note that there are no refunds allowed after downloading, only official support for the latest Invector Template, only official support for Third-Person mode and Humanoid characters, can be used for mobile platforms, requires .NET 4.x, and cannot be used with Invector vLockOn or vLockOnShooter.


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