Simple Waypoint System Indicators - Free Download


"Simple Waypoint System Indicators is a free Unity asset that helps you create and manage waypoints in your scene. You can use it to make paths for your objects and customize how they look. It works well for mobile and VR projects.

To use it, you need to add the WaypointSystemIndicators script to your project. Then, you can place waypoints on any object in your scene. You can also adjust the size, distance, and appearance of the indicators.

The system has two main parts: the Waypoint Manager and the Waypoint Controller. The Waypoint Manager creates and manages the waypoints. The Waypoint Controller follows the path set by the Waypoint Manager.

You can use this system for many purposes. For example, you can make a walking path for a character, a flying path for an aircraft, or a race track for a car. It’s simple and flexible.

To download it, go to the Asset Store and search for “Simple Waypoint System ”."


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