Superhero Animset - Free Download


 "Superhero Animset is a free asset package for Unity game developers who want to add superhero animations to their games. It contains various animations such as walking, running, jumping, flying, and fighting. You can use these animations in any Unity game and adjust them to your game’s requirements.

Some of the features of Superhero Animset are:

- High-quality animations that look smooth and realistic
- Compatibility with Unity’s Mecanim system for easy animation control
- Animations for both male and female characters with different body types and costumes
- Prefab characters with different body types, costumes, and weapons that you can customize

Superhero Animset is a free and powerful asset package that can help you create amazing superhero characters for your Unity games. It’s ideal for indie developers or anyone who wants to add some superhero animation to their game."


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