JU TPS 2 with Vehicle Physics - Free Download



**JU TPS 2** is a **Unity 3D** asset that enables you to create amazing **third-person shooter games** with **vehicle systems**, **realistic locomotion**, and **easy-to-use weapon system**. It supports different **render pipelines** for optimal graphics performance and customization.

**Render pipeline compatibility**

Unity offers 3 types of render pipelines:

- Built-in Render Pipeline: Unity's default pipeline with limited customization options.

- Universal Render Pipeline: A scriptable pipeline that allows you to optimize graphics for various platforms with ease and flexibility.

- High-Definition Render Pipeline: A scriptable pipeline that delivers high-quality graphics for demanding scenarios.

**What can I do with the JU TPS 2 Unity Asset?**

With the JU TPS 2 unity asset, you can build stunning third-person shooter games with speed and simplicity. This powerful tool provides everything you need to create immersive 3D graphics, animations, and physics in your game. By using the included editor, you can quickly design levels, characters, and objects to populate your game world. The JU TPS 2 unity asset also includes a wide variety of pre-made assets to help you get started fast and easy. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, the JU TPS 2 unity asset is the ideal tool for any game developer.

The system includes IK(Inverse Kinematics), Foot Placement IK, Weapon System, Advanced Rigid body Character Controller, Procedural Weapon Animation System, Advanced Ragdoll Controller, Mobile Controls, Xbox 360 Controller Support and vehicle physics.



Best Locomotion System for third-person games that includes features such as a Realistic Rotation, a Realistic Foot Placement System, the ability to Walk in 8 directions, Chip-up Weapons, and more.

JU Foot Placement native Integration for free

Cross-platform Inputs support Xbox 360 Controller, Android, Ios and Keyboards

3rd person games completely

Camera Controller System includes camera collision and various configurable camera angles for each situation.


The ability to create motorcycles and cars with the Vehicle Physics System.​

Non-convex Mesh Collider for more realistic vehicles.


​Use procedural mesh destruction to create destructible props or glasses for vehicles


Advanced Ragdoll System ensures your character can get up and move normally. After falling with fluid transitions from the Ragdoll to the Mecanim state.


A complete weapon system with 4 fire modes (bolt-action, auto, semi-auto, and shotgun)

Precision adjustments, procedural animations pick up ammo boxes

Unlock weapons by finding them on the ground in your game.


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