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Presenting the Wild Forest Animals Pack: A Majestic Collection of 21 Iconic Creatures Residing in Temperate Woodlands!


Immerse yourself in the vibrant wilderness with the all-new Wild Forest Animals Pack, encompassing the most sought-after 21 species found in temperate forests. This comprehensive bundle showcases both adult and cub variants of each species, granting you the opportunity to save a remarkable $210 compared to purchasing individual animals. With an array of meticulously crafted animations, this pack is your gateway to lifelike forest inhabitants, brought together at a cost-efficient value.

Pack Highlights:

Unveil the wonders of the forest through the captivating species featured in this pack:

BOAR FAMILY – Male, Female, and Cub (55 IP/RM animations)

DEER FAMILY – Stag, Doe, and Calf (54 IP/RM animations)

RED DEER – Stag (54 IP/RM animations)

MOOSE FAMILY – Bull, Cow, and Calf (57 IP/RM animations)

BEAR FAMILY – Male, Female, and Cub (66 IP/RM animations)

WOLF FAMILY – Male and Cub (65 IP/RM animations)

FOX FAMILY – Male and Cub (64 IP/RM animations)

HARE FAMILY – Male and Cub (44 IP/RM animations)

High-Quality Assets:

Each model is thoughtfully designed and optimized to ensure high performance. With four Levels of Detail (LODs), including a mobile-friendly option ranging from 500 to 1500 triangles, these assets seamlessly integrate into diverse applications. The comprehensive texture maps, including albedo, metallic/roughness, and normal maps, are all rendered at an impressive 4K resolution, accentuating the lifelike details of each creature.

Full Pack Benefits:

This version presents the complete asset experience, encompassing a rich array of animations and features. For those seeking a more succinct option, the short version is also available.

Seamless Integration:

While the animator controller is not included, you have the freedom to craft your own unique animator controller to bring these creatures to life according to your creative vision.

Support and Inquiries:

For any inquiries or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us at:



Kindly note that these files are intended for educational purposes or as a trial before investing in the full commercial version. Unauthorized commercial use of these assets without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For Further Information:

For an in-depth exploration, head to the Unity Asset Store: Wild Forest Animals Pack

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