Gaia Pro 2021 – Terrain Scene Generator


Introducing Gaia Pro 2021 – Terrain Scene Generator: Crafting Breathtaking Worlds Effortlessly!


Experience the unparalleled capabilities of Gaia Pro 2021 – Terrain Scene Generator, a potent system for world creation, optimization, and streaming. Whether for mobile, VR, console, or desktop, Gaia Pro 2021 swiftly crafts mesmerizing environments within minutes.


Unleash the power of Gaia Pro 2021 to swiftly construct captivating scenes! This robust terrain scene generator revolutionizes world creation, optimization, and streaming, making the process a breeze for mobile, VR, console, and desktop platforms.

Gaia Pro 2021 offers a flexible workflow to cater to your preferences – from artist-driven to entirely procedural – delivering a seamless terrain forming, texturing, planting, and placement experience. Whether your goal is crafting low-poly stylized or high-end photo-realistic environments, Gaia covers it all.

Time Efficiency:

Gaia is your time, money, and frustration savior. It combines multiple typically complex systems into a streamlined wizard-based mechanism that automates a significant portion of the effort essential for generating playable levels.

Comprehensive Support:

Canopy stands by Gaia's side, furnishing forums and a library replete with video tutorials and written articles, extending beyond Gaia into topics like level design, lighting, optimization, and more. Join our thriving community to share your journey and garner support.

Ever-Expanding Possibilities:

Gaia continues to evolve, continuously introducing new Game Ready Levels, Procedural Spawner Packs, Stamp Packs, and Micro Biomes, facilitating the creation of fresh and captivating variations. With GeNa Pro, enhance your level further by adding roads, rivers, lakes, spline-based extrusions, and even intricate procedural structures and villages to elevate your scenes.

Incorporating AI and ML:

Gaia is AI/ML-ready. Through the collaboration with Intel, Gaia ML was unveiled as a part of the Intel AI Game Dev Toolkit, seamlessly integrating with Gaia Pro 2021. Get the best of both worlds by combining Gaia ML and Gaia Pro 2021.

A Trusted Asset:

Gaia finds its application in education, defense, simulations, and numerous games such as Zenith, Last Epoch, and Crowfall. Even NASA leverages the power of Gaia. This asset has consistently ranked among the most sought-after tools on the Unity Asset Store, earning the prestigious "Best Artistic Tool" title in the 2020 Unity Awards. Gaia Pro 2021 further elevates the gold standard for world generation.

Elevate Your Productivity:

Gaia reduces weeks and months of toil to mere hours and days. With your breathtaking worlds seamlessly crafted, you can channel your efforts into crafting gameplay that truly resonates.

Unity Compatibility:

Gaia Pro 2021 seamlessly integrates with Unity 2020 LTS, 2021, and 2022, along with all render pipelines.

Effortless Workflow:

With Gaia Pro, you will:

Choose world size, biome, and target platform

Procedurally (or manually) generate the base terrain

Apply procedural texturing, planting, and population based on your chosen biome

Optionally export optimized world versions for mobile or MMOs

Set lighting, wind, water, controllers, culling, and post effects with a click

Explore your world in real-time.

Key Features:

Gaia 2021:

GPU-accelerated stamping & spawning

Multi-terrain support for expansive environments

Wizard-driven setup optimized for target platforms

Modular design for flexible usage

Comprehensive water system with shaders & underwater effects

Maximum compatibility with other tools following Unity's standards

Employ our content or yours using our robust biome system

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