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Introducing the Premier Motion Matching System Ready for Production Use!

Latest Release (v2.2.4): MxM introduces an innovative strafe locomotion set that seamlessly integrates with animations added in v2.2.2.

Innovation Unveiled (v2.2.2): MxM unveils a cutting-edge locomotion set featuring meticulously crafted mocap data tailored exclusively for motion matching.

Please note that the 3D models showcased in trailers are not included in the package.

Stand-Alone Demonstrations: Download the 'Standalone Gameplay Demo' to experience a character powered by MxM (character not included in the package). For performance evaluation, acquire the 'Standalone Stress Test' demo.

Included Showcase Scene: The bundled Demo Scene features Robot Kyle, a player-controlled character capable of dynamic parkour vaults. The vaulting system exhibited here is solely intended for illustrating MxM event capabilities and is not intended for immediate production as a vaulting system.

Unveiling the Essence of Motion Matching
Motion Matching for Unity (MxM) revolutionizes animation by offering an alternative system to mecanim. This groundbreaking approach delivers fluid, responsive animations without the reliance on a traditional state machine. No longer will you need to define transitions, establish conditions, or manage intricate animation logic. With Motion Matching, these complexities are expertly managed, affording endless possibilities for starts, stops, plants, and turns.

The mechanics of Motion Matching involve analyzing the character's pose and the anticipated trajectory based on player input, comparing them to the entirety of animations in your library. The system adeptly selects the most suitable timing and clip to seamlessly transition to. This entire process occurs with remarkable speed, thanks to the implementation of Unity's cutting-edge job system and burst compiler.

Target Audience
MxM is not a plug-and-play solution; a fundamental grasp of scripting within Unity is the bare minimum requirement. However, proficient programmers will fully harness the potential of this asset. For optimal utilization, an intermediate level of familiarity with Unity and proficiency in C# programming is recommended.

MxM proves especially advantageous for those employing cut clips, yet those immersed in mocap and animation-rich studios will yield the most substantial benefits from this asset.

Platform and Dependency Insights
While MxM might be operational on mobile devices, active support for mobile platforms remains in progress.

Dependencies are integral to MxM's operation, necessitating several Unity packages from the package manager (e.g., Jobs). Some of these might be preview packages, but rest assured, they interact harmoniously with MxM. Consult the quick start guide for comprehensive details.

Animation Prerequisites
It's important to note that not all animation sets are compatible with MxM. Transition animations are crucial for comprehensive coverage and smooth continuity. For additional information, delve into the documentation.

Empowering Features (v2.2.5):
– Seamless interactive animations
– Natural, fluid, and responsive animation outputs*
– Elimination of state machines and explicit transitions
– Robust event system for character actions
– Built-in animation warping for actions like parkour
– Accommodates multiple world contacts during actions (e.g., hand placement while vaulting)
– Tagging system for precise control over movement styles and stances
– Embedded layer system – Seamlessly fade between mecanim and MxM with a singular function call – Exceptional speed, courtesy of MxM's multi-threaded structure, Unity's Job system, Burst Compiler, and SIMD math library
– Blend spaces for bridging animation gaps – Tailored editors and inspectors to streamline data manipulation
– Support for both cut clips and uncut motion capture animations**
– Out-of-the-box compatibility with most IK systems***
– Robust debugging utilities – consult the documentation for an in-depth look

*Quality and responsiveness of animation output depend on the source animations' quality and responsiveness.
**Not all animation sets are compatible. Consult the animation prerequisites for details.
***Partial compatibility with 'Unity Animation Rigging' due to Unity's limitations and known issues.

Extensive Support Network:
– Join the Discord Channel
– Engage on the Forum Page

Comprehensive Resources:
– Quick Start Guide
– In-Depth User Manual
– Informative Video Tutorials

Note: Motion Matching is a versatile animation system tailored for animation output. It does not encompass procedural animation, IK, or gameplay code. Proficiency in scripting is advised to convey gameplay information to the motion matching system.

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