Ultimate Traffic System - Free Download



Ultimate Traffic Controller is a versatile system that enables developers to create realistic traffic systems for their games in just a few minutes. It features fast and accurate node generation, a pedestrian system, and more.


  • Control hundreds of vehicles in the active scene
  • Automatic traffic light generation
  • Pedestrian system with zebra crossing and group chat capabilities
  • Reckless drivers who run stop signs and knock down pedestrians
  • Pedestrians can die, supporting Mecanim and Ragdoll
  • Pedestrians support any kind of rigged humanoid model
  • Built-in vehicle system
  • Faster AI will overtake slower ones
  • AI will attempt to avoid players
  • Accidents can occur from reckless driving when a vehicle leaves its lane and crashes
  • Intelligent system to restore all faulty or lost AI
  • Easy integration with roads

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