Universal Shooter Kit: FPS, TPS, TDS - Free Download

The Universal Shooter Kit FPS TPS TDS is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for you to develop your games in less time. It’s so straightforward that even someone without programming knowledge can use it. Experienced developers will also find it valuable due to its clean code and robust features.

You can see the framework in action by trying out the demos available for all platforms. The asset is regularly updated, and we listen to our users’ feedback to add the features they request. You can check out what’s currently in development on the roadmap.

The kit comes with detailed documentation, including video tutorials, to help you quickly get started. Additionally, we’re always available to help with any issues or questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do our best to assist you as soon as possible.

Here are the main features of the Universal Shooter Kit FPS TPS TDS:

🔫 Universal Weapon System:

  • Various attack types (several can be used in one weapon)
  • Melee system (with unarmed mode)
  • Grenades with different effects, including smoke and flash effects that allow you to escape from opponents
  • Pose hands, elbows, and fingers for each weapon using IK
  • Object detection – characters react to walls and other objects and remove their hands
  • Many other great features: reloading system, ricochet, penetration, aiming with different scope types, customizable effects

🏃‍♂️ Powerful Character and Camera:

  • Compatible with any humanoid character
  • Includes Root Motion movement and perfect animations for all character states
  • Powerful camera system with TP, FP, and a few TD views
  • Different movement types – Standard, Always Aiming, In all Directions
  • Character’s legs react to obstacles thanks to IK

🎒 Inventory System:

  • Contains a weapon wheel, slots for first aid kits, and ammo
  • Sort and group weapons as needed (by type, for example)
  • Characters can pick up and throw away weapons, use first aid kits, ammunition, food…

🤖 Advanced AI System:

  • Works with Humanoid & Generic avatar types
  • Various attacks – fire, missiles, bullets, melee
  • During an attack, enemies can use covers
  • Opponents can act together
  • Waypoints movement and Observer behavior
  • Different detection types – vision (central and peripheral), hearing, close range
  • Warning & Attack states – before attacking, opponents will first look for the player
  • If an enemy finds a corpse, they start looking for players
  • Stealth System – players can hide in the grass and go unnoticed

⚙️ Built-in Integrations:

  • Emerald AI
  • Edy’s Vehicle Physics
  • NWH Vehicle System 2
  • Realistic Car Controller
  • PUN 2
  • DestroyIt
  • Easy Save 3

👥 Game-ready Multiplayer:

  • Full synchronization of all systems – everything from single-player mode will work in the network (from AI to pick-up items)
  • Full Game Logic – contains many useful features: lobbies, game rooms, character selection, match statistics, co-op and deathmatch modes, AI enemies
  • Custom matches – ability to search/create game rooms with various parameters (including private ones with passwords)
  • Simple usage – no need to create anything extra; use single-player characters, weapons, and AI opponents in multiplayer (all components will be added automatically)
  • Extend the built-in multiplayer with the Advanced Multiplayer add-on

💾 Save System: Allows players to save their game progress. Customize the parameters that will be saved: inventory, health, positions, weapons ammo…

📱 Mobile Input: Everything in the main version works on mobile devices. No extra steps needed; just build the game and run it on your mobile device.

🛠 Powerful Tools: UI System: Adjust the entire game UI in one place – quickly and conveniently. Custom input manager: supports gamepads, mobile input, keyboard/mouse.

With the creation tools, you can transform your model into a game-ready character with weapons or an enemy in less than a minute. And there are even more great features:

💥 Hit Zones for characters and enemies – set different damage values for the head, arms, legs, and body 💥 Mini-maps with textures (without a second camera) – set them up quickly and easily 💥 Several characters in a single-player game – use multiple characters in your game and switch between them during gameplay 💥 Surfaces and materials with various hit effects and step audios – create your surfaces in one step 💥 Audio system – customize different sounds (weapons, character steps, enemies, etc.)

Inside the project, you’ll find:

  • The framework with tools
  • Several demo scenes that demonstrate how the framework and its elements work
  • A character with 16 weapon prefabs
  • 3 types of AI opponents – Robot, Zombie, Humanoid with weapons (Pistol, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Sword)
  • Complete game UI
  • Lots of animations for weapons, players, and opponents
  • Various sounds, effects, and environmental objects.

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