Dark - Complete Horror UI - Free Download

Create a Spooky Main Menu for Your Game!

If you want to give your game a spooky vibe, consider using the following features:

1. UI Manager

With the UI Manager, you can transform the entire look of your user interface (UI) in seconds. No need to make changes one by one – it's all at your fingertips!

2. Fully Customizable

Take control of every detail without diving into code or external tools. Use the inspector to tweak everything to your liking.

3. Demo Scenes

Jumpstart your project with fully featured demo scenes. They're designed to help you get started quickly, making the development process smoother.

4. Smooth Transitions

Elevate your game's eerie atmosphere with a set of smooth animations and grunge transitions. You can customize them all directly within Unity, tailoring the experience to your vision.

5. Wide Platform Support

No matter your preferred rendering pipeline (Built-in, URP, HDRP) or platform (Windows, macOS, Xbox, iOS, Android), this tool has you covered. Ensure your spooky main menu is accessible to a broad audience.

6. Native UI Support

Don't worry about switching up your workflow. Dark UI is built using Unity's native UI, allowing you to work seamlessly and even incorporate third-party UGUI extensions if needed. Stick to what you're familiar with!

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