Lighting Box 2 Next-Gen Lighting Solution - Free Download


💡 Overview

Use Lighting Box 2 to max out lighting and performance on the built-in rendering pipeline. This is a real-time saver solution to get AAA-looking lighting in a few seconds or minutes, even without any lighting experience.

🌟 Highlights

  • Real-time saver solution
  • Save and Load settings to/from lighting profiles
  • Drag and drop the settings menu
  • Post Processing Stack 2 support
  • Based on the best post-effect settings
  • Tessellated terrain shader
  • POM and Tessellation shaders
  • Distance-based particle shader (Like the Frostbite game engine)
  • High-quality sun lens flare with maximum performance + Tutorials to make a new one based on the other games
  • Night and Snow sample scenes

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