GM Mesh Deformer - Free Download



This script can be added to any mesh, allowing it to deform in real time based on collisions or custom triggers. It also updates mesh colliders at runtime.


  • Sample Scene: A sample scene is provided for testing.
  • Sample Mesh: A sample mesh is included for testing with the deformer script.
  • Deformer Script: The package includes an editable deformer script.
  • Real-Time Mesh Collider Modification: The script allows for real-time modification of mesh colliders.
  • Easy Setup: The setup process is straightforward and the values can be easily tweaked to match any scene.
  • Mesh Deformer Attachment: The Mesh Deformer can be attached to any object with a mesh filter component and a collider component. Any impacts on the object will cause deformation.

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