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Experience the essence of American suburbia with our USA Residential Buildings Pack. This comprehensive bundle includes 30 distinct USA-style residential homes (exteriors), each complemented by a garage, and a small-town chapel. With a total of 109 prefabs, this pack is your one-stop solution for creating immersive suburban environments.

Key Features

  • Texture Atlasing: Draw call friendly for efficient rendering.
  • PBR Materials: Metallic workflow for realistic visuals.
  • Modular Road System: Includes intersections, dead ends, driveways, with/without markings.
  • Custom Colliders & Lightmap Support: For all meshes to enhance realism.
  • Suburban Props: Modular fence, mailbox, trashcan, etc., to add detail to your scenes.
  • Demo Scenes: Two set up demo scenes for day and night visualization.
  • Shader Upgraders: URP and HDRP shader upgraders included!

Diverse House Types

The package offers five house types, each with six unique models. This diversity allows you to construct suburban landscapes that authentically mirror the eclectic tapestry of American residential architecture.

Elevate Your Project

The USA Residential Buildings Pack isn’t just a collection of 3D models; it’s your gateway to crafting immersive suburban environments that evoke nostalgia and authenticity. Whether you’re developing games, architectural visualizations, or immersive virtual experiences, this bundle equips you with all the assets you need to breathe life into your vision of American suburbia.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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