Rocky Hills Environment Pro Pack - Free Download


🎮 Overview

This is a high-quality environment art package for AAA games V 2.1. Little to no photo source material is used as most textures are made using Substance Designer or hand-painted. Assets are well optimized as 4k atlases make it light for GPU and memory while the prefabs contain 3 to 4 LOD levels. Vegetation was made using Custom tree importer (CTI) which is compatible with Advanced Foliage Shader. The custom tree importer shaders provide realistic-looking wind and foliage with minimum performance impact so there is the possibility of use on lower-end platforms.

🔧 Compatibility

The pack is compatible with most versions of Unity ranging from Unity 5.0 to Unity 2019 and higher as it contains only art assets. Supported download version starting from v 2017.1.0.

Main Pipeline

The main pipeline used is the Standard Shader, Metalness workflow with merged maps and supports instantiating: (Metalic Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Metalic ® Ambient Occlusion (G) Smoothness (A) // Normal (RGB)). This configuration makes the assets compatible with HDSRP so it should be easy to update to (LWRP/URP) and HDRP.

CTI Shaders

Work within the standard Unity pipeline and have custom shaders workflow with merged maps and supports instantiating: (CTI/LOD Bark Shader: Albedo (RGB) Smoothness (A) // Normal (GA) Specular ® Ambient Occlusion (B)); (CTI/LOD Leaves Shader: Albedo (RGB) Smoothness (A) // Normal (GA) Specular (B) // Ambient Occlusion (G) Translucency (B) Smoothness (A)).

🌟 Features and Version Updates


  • PBR materials and 4k texture atlases, light for GPU and memory.
  • Unique cliff meshes with 4 LOD levels.
  • Modular boulders with 4 LOD levels.
  • 346 prefabs total (optimized meshes, merge prefabs, and more).
  • 355 models.
  • A variety of ground tiles for summer, fall, and winter.
  • Unique wood texture tiles.
  • Unique 4k tree bark texture with roots.
  • 16 particles.
  • 1 shader for snow cover.
  • Mesh and ground splats including snow.
  • Summer, fall, and winter seasons for all assets.
  • 46 trees and 63 bushes.
  • High-quality grass models with variations and wind including “terrain versions”.
  • All trees and plants have realistic wind.
  • 7 Example scenes with 4 terrains, one big terrain map.

Updates V 2.1

  • Updated “Custom Tree Importer” to the newest version, works with Unity 2019.
  • Fixed stick pile models and dead stump, extra poly added.
  • Added 2 golden fall texture versions of the beech leaves.
  • 22 golden version of the beech trees and bushes added.
  • Removed the custom moss shader as it wasn’t working for Unity 2019.
  • Minor texture changes and small improvements.

🔢 Polycount and Texture Specifications

Total Triangle Count of a Prefab (All LODS)

(ex: GenericCliffBRHE - LOD0 *1112(T) + LOD1 *941(T) + LOD2 *761(T) = 2814(T))

Cliffs and Rocks

  • BoulderRHE: 922 triangles
  • CaveRHE: 1145 triangles
  • GenericCliffARHE: 4158 triangles
  • GenericCliffBRHE: 2814 triangles
  • GenericCliffCRHE: 4756 triangles
  • GenericCliffDTopRHE: 2912 triangles
  • ModularCliffARHE: 8212 triangles
  • ModularCliffBRHE: 7348 triangles
  • ModularCliffCRHE: 11084 triangles
  • ModularCliffERHE: 2772 triangles
  • LowRockMediumRHE: 1817 triangles
  • RockDetails All: 490 triangles
  • RockMediumBRHE: 1804 triangles
  • RockMediumCRHE: 702 triangles
  • IrregularStones All: 6170 triangles


  • GenericTree_TrukRoots:10314 triangles
  • GroundSplatBRHE01:4969 triangles
  • GroundSplatBRHE02:4250 triangles
  • GroundSplatBRHE03:7407 triangles


  • BeecthTree01Summer:8278 triangles
  • BeecthTree02Summer:27067 triangles
  • BeecthTreeOldSummer:44180 triangles
  • GenericTreeSummer01:23106 triangles
  • BeechBushDSummer:7703 triangles
  • GenericBushASummer:988 triangles
  • GrassASummer01:180 triangles
  • FlowersA_Summer:60 triangles

🎨 Textures

  • Texture sizes: 4096 x 4096px (the majority of the texture atlases); 2048 x 2048px, 1024 x 1024px, 512 x 512px, 256 x 256px (tile textures, smaller texture atlases, particles and splats).
  • Texture formats: “Tif” (all texture with alpha and merged maps ((Metalness, Ao, gloss)/masked maps)), “Png” (all albedo, normal maps and height maps).
  • Number of textures counting only the albedo for each material:
    • 1k, 512, 256 Textures: 28 Including ground tiles, particles and splats.
    • 2k Textures: 56 Including ground tiles and smaller atlases.
    • 4k Textures: 13 Including large atlases, props and trees.

ℹ️ General Information

  • Please make sure that your project is set to use the linear color space in “Edit -> Project Settings -> Player”! The custom tree importer shaders will look completely unnatural in “gamma rendering” and will cause your foliage to look fluorescent green which is not correct!
  • Please don’t change the “mesh normals”, all meshes have custom vertex normals applied, if changed, the normal maps won’t work properly!
  • Grass assets could be pretty resource-intensive so a solution like “Advanced Terrain Grass” is desired overall!
  • “CTI” supports the HD render pipeline but only the versions that are out of preview onwards. Keep in mind CTI is still in development and some features will be limited!

🔧 Setup Instructions

  • Custom Tree Importer is compatible starting from Unity version 5.0 up to 2019 and above. (For Unity 2018, 2019 and later just import the “2018 foliage shader fix” provided in the “CTI” folder otherwise your foliage will not render on-screen!). The pack has been tested on all Unity versions and should work fine.
  • When using deferred rendering make sure you add the “deferred shader” and “deferred reflections” components in the graphics window by replacing the default ones.
  • All the trees have colliders set up. If you want to use them for the terrain engine just replace the mesh colliders with capsule colliders!


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