Slum Environment Mega Pack (PC/Mobile) - Free Download


🎮 Overview

This asset supports both Built-in and HDRP pipelines. It is an AAA game-ready slum environment for PC as well as mobile games. You can construct detailed slum areas and streets from modular huts and props pieces, and populate the scene with several unique props. This asset works best for FPS and TPS games.

📊 Main Features

  • The package contains over 80 prefabs.
  • Premade prefabs of every object with colliders.
  • Night Example scene included.
  • Day Example scene included.
  • Baked Lighting for Night Scene for maximum performance.
  • Occlusion Culling Data included for faster rendering.
  • HDRP Package included.

🔢 PolyCount Details

  • Vertices: 370,000
  • Faces: 282,800
  • Tris: 282,800
  • Objects: 97

🎨 Texture Resolutions

  • Majority: 2048 x 2048
  • Maximum Res: 4096 x 4096
  • Minimum Res: 512 x 512

🔧 Pipeline Instructions

  1. Import the package to a built-in RP project.
  2. Import the HDRP.unitypackage file from the Pipelines folder to a new HDRP project.

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