Online FPS / TPS kit - Free Download



Creating Shooting Games Online

This package helps make online shooting games where you can play from a first-person or third-person perspective. Most games use two separate models for the character's arms and the rest of the body, but this one uses just one model for both.


1. Unity 3D Compatibility: You can use this package with Unity 3D versions 2018.x, 2019.x, and 2020.x.

2. DirectX 11: It works well with DirectX 11, a technology that makes your games look and perform better.

3. NET4x: This package is compatible with NET4x, which is a set of tools that help make online games work smoothly.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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