Zombie Shooter Prototype v1.5 for Playmaker


Zombie Shooter Prototype v1.5 for Playmaker

Description: Make Your First FPS Game

- What's Included: This template provides everything you need to create a basic first-person shooter (FPS) game. It has 3D models, sounds, and animations, but it doesn't have any complicated scripts. Instead, it uses Playmaker FSMs (Finite State Machines) to control the game logic. You can easily replace the 3D models with your own.

- Backup Reminder: Before you download any updates or make changes, it's important to back up your project. This way, you won't lose your work if something goes wrong.

- Free Demo: There's a free demo available for both standalone computers and Android devices. You can try it out before getting the full version.

- Latest Version: The template is now at version 1.5, which comes with many new features and improvements.

New Features in Version 1.5

- Multiple Weapons: You can have different weapons and ammo types in your game.

- Player Movements: The character can walk, run, crouch, jump, and slide on slopes.

- Customizable Footsteps: You can adjust the sounds for footsteps in the game.

- Advanced Systems: The template includes advanced systems for things like recoil, interaction, and more.

- Mobile Controls: There's a new mobile controller for smartphones and tablets.

- Crouch and Crouch Jump: Characters can now crouch and jump while crouched.

- Ladder and Peek: Added systems for climbing ladders and peeking around corners.

- Pushing Objects: You can push rigid objects or move platforms in the game.

- Melee Attacks: Characters can use melee attacks with guns and throw melee weapons.

- Flashlight: A flashlight system is included for dark areas.

- Ammo Pickup: A new system for automatically picking up ammo is added.

- New Weapons: Additional equipable items like hand grenades, sticky grenades, and sniper rifles.

- Interactable Objects: Features like doors and buttons can be added to the game.

- Physical Objects: You can include objects that explode or break, like explosive barrels, chairs, and tables.

- Checkpoints: A checkpoint system for saving progress is included.

- Hit Markers: Visual indicators for when you hit a target.

- Prepared FSMs: Pre-made Finite State Machines to help you get started.

- Advanced Weapon Settings: You can fine-tune details for each gun, like fire rate, damage, and more.

- Tutorial Video: There's a tutorial video to guide you on customizing particles, models, and weapons.

Important Notices

- Old Projects: If you're using an older version of this template, don't update to version 1.5 in an ongoing project. The update is too different, and you need to start fresh with the new version.

- Updated Instructions: Instructions for adding new things are now easier to follow.

- Forum Support: If you have questions or need help with the FSMs, you can visit the forum for discussions or email the creator for 24/7 support.

Ownership of Playmaker

- Playmaker Requirement: To use this template, you need to own Playmaker, a third-party asset. Make sure you have it before purchasing this template, as no refunds will be given if you don't have Playmaker.

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