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STORY – Tree Pack: Unleash the Beauty of Nature


The STORY – Tree Pack is a comprehensive collection of 37 unique tree assets from our popular packs, STORY – Northern Nature and STORY – Wildlands Nature. These hand-painted assets are compatible with Unity Terrain, making it easy for you to create beautiful natural landscapes. All trees are customizable in terms of colors and wind movement, allowing you to depict anything from a gentle spring breeze to a windy autumn day.


The pack includes:

  • 9 birch trees
  • 13 pine trees
  • 6 maple trees
  • 6 maple trees with snow
  • 3 tree stumps

All trees come with a custom lightmap in the second UV channel, 3 LODs, and colliders. The pack also includes customizable shaders for tree leaves wind movement and color, as well as a customizable tree trunk shader to blend in snow.

Technical Details

The pack contains 13 Base Color Textures and 1 Normal Map. The texture dimensions range from 256x256 to 2048x2048. The polygon count ranges from 24 to 2888. The pack includes 37 meshes, all of which have UV mapping, lightmaps, 3 LOD levels, and colliders.


The pack supports Built-in Render Pipeline and URP. It also contains a demo scene as seen in the trailer and documentation to get you started.


These files are intended for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Unauthorized commercial use without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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