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Wooden Constructor: Craft Your Architectural Vision


The Wooden Constructor package offers a variety of wooden elements and their variations, perfect for crafting your architectural masterpiece. It also includes several types of bracing, enhancing the structural integrity of your designs. This package is part of the Architecture bundle, offering a 50% savings.


This package includes:

  • Assorted wooden elements and their variations
  • Diverse selection of bracing types
  • Ready-made examples for seamless integration into your projects


This package supports URP and HDRP shaders.

Technical Details

The package includes various elements with the following triangle counts:

  • Bracing: 2740 tris
  • New planks: 72 tris
  • Old planks: 920 tris
  • Round pillars new: 312 tris
  • Round pillars old: 472 tris
  • Square pillars new: 176 tris
  • Square pillars old: 552 tris
  • Sticks: 486 tris
  • Arches: 572 tris

Please note that this is an Unreal Engine pack.


These files are intended for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Unauthorized commercial use without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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