Skill Drive – Game Template - Unity Asset


Skill Drive Game Source Project Overview

This document provides an overview of the complete source project of Skill Drive, a 3D game developed for desktop and tested on Windows.

Game Input and Effects

The game supports both keyboard and gamepad input, and is set up with Unity’s new input system. It also uses Cinemachine and Post Processing to create smooth and appealing effects.


The Skill Drive game source project comes with a variety of features:

Complete Game Project

The project includes a main menu, level selection, and 15 levels.

Animated 3D-Level Selection

The game features an animated 3D-level selection for an immersive gaming experience.

Smooth Scene Transitions

The game ensures smooth scene transitions for seamless gameplay.

Sound Effects and Background Music

The project includes sound effects (SFX) and background music to enhance the gaming experience.

Input Support

The game supports keyboard and gamepad input using Unity’s New Input System.


The game has been tested on Windows, ensuring compatibility and smooth performance on this platform.

Source Code

The complete source code is included with this asset, allowing for customization and further development.

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