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TWICKS Game Development System Overview

This document provides an overview of TWICKS, a system designed to define the core mechanics of a good twin-stick shooter game.

Core Philosophy

With TWICKS, the aim was to identify the components that define the core mechanics of a good twin-stick shooter. The goal was not to create a large set of pre-coupled and hard-to-extend features, but rather to establish a solid foundation of core systems and components. This foundation can be easily built upon and extended to create the game you envision.


TWICKS comes with a variety of features:

Modular Core System

TWICKS has a modular, extendable, and robust core system. This allows for flexibility and adaptability in game development.

Visual Scripting Support

The system supports visual scripting, enabling developers to visualize and manipulate game logic without writing code.

Extendable AI System

TWICKS includes an extendable AI system. This allows for the creation of complex and dynamic game characters.

Playable Game Sample

A playable game sample is included to demonstrate the capabilities of the system.

Component Library

TWICKS comes with a powerful component library. This provides a range of pre-built elements that can be used in game development.

Input System Integration

The system is integrated with an input system. This allows for the handling of user inputs in the game.

Customizable Manager System

TWICKS includes a customizable manager system. This allows developers to manage and control various aspects of the game.

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