1980 – MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 – Part III)



This package offers modular architectural elements and a vast library of old school assets, allowing you to create a unique game world with an 80s’ atmosphere. The trend of revisiting the 80s is becoming increasingly popular among movie and game producers.

Interior and Exterior Assets

The package includes over 95 modular and tileable interior assets:

  • Modular Interior Walls: 37 assets for all rooms
  • Modular Exterior Walls: 17 assets
  • Wallpaper Textured Walls: 21 assets for all rooms (Kitchen, ChildRoom, Youth Room)
  • Walls with Doors: 17 assets for all rooms
  • Walls with Windows: 17 assets for all rooms
  • Floor, Roof, and Ceiling: 4 assets
  • Wall Corners (Connectors): 5 assets
  • Columns: 3 assets
  • Masking Elements: 6 assets for wall joins and edges


The package contains 166 props including:

  • VideoPosters, Pennants, GameBox, Clothes, Curtains, Carpets, Cardboxes, Books, Posters, Rugs, KitchenTools, Lamps, Mops, Planks, Plates, Baseball Bats, Bagpacks, Cameras, Caps, Clocks, Cups, Cushions, Notepads, Telephones, Thermoses, Knives, Newspapers, Tea Boxes, ScoopTools, Trays, Light Switches


The package includes 97 furniture assets with elements (doors, drawers, shelves):

  • Beds, Bookshelves, Drawers, Desks, Tv shelves, Tables, Bookcases, Wardrobes, Wall cupboards, Armchairs, and seats

Computers and Game Consoles

The package includes 16 computer assets and 6 game console assets:

  • Amiga Game Boxes, Commodore Monitors, Commodore Recorders, Computer keyboards, Atari2600, Computer Mouses , Mouse Mats, Joysticks, Amiga Diskette Boxes, and Amiga Diskettes
  • GameBoy, SuperNintendo Pad, SuperNintendo Cartridge, Nintendo Pad, Zapper

Toys and Collections

The package includes 39 toy assets and 28 collection assets:

  • BoardGames, Telescope, Robots, Walkie-Talkie, Apache, 2x-Chattery Teeth, Basketball ball, Baseball bat, Skateboard, Ping Pong Paddle, Ping Pong Ball, Vehicles
  • Clip frames with movie poster, pennies, vinyls, and Road signs (Stop, Kangaroo)

RTV and Food

The package includes 10 RTV assets and 36 food assets:

  • Walkmans, HeadPhones, Cassettes, Radio Alarm Clocks, Cameras, Tv’s, Cassette Recorders
  • Fruit, Soups, Yoghurt, FishCans, Bottles, Eggs, Bread, and Sandwiches


The package includes 8 container assets:

  • Baskets, Bowls, and drawers
Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.

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