Animated FPS Weapons Pack (Part 1) - Free Download

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License agreement: Yes

File size: 156.73 MB

Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

Weapon Asset Package for Your Game

This package includes everything you need to add weapons to your game!

What's included?

  • Ready-to-use weapons: Assault rifle, shotgun, machine gun, pistol, missile launcher, sniper rifle, and submachine gun. There are also mobile-friendly versions of each weapon with lower detail for better performance.
  • Textures: High-quality textures for all the weapons (2048x2048 pixels). These include different types of textures to make the weapons look realistic.
  • Sounds: Sound effects for shooting, reloading, and other weapon actions.
  • Animations: All the animations you need for your character to use the weapons, including shooting, reloading, moving, and more.
  • Scripts: C# scripts that make the weapons work in your game.

How to use it

  1. Open the "CompletePlayerPrefab" folder.
  2. Drag and drop the "Player Prefab" into your game scene.
  3. Check out the included demo scene for an example of how to use the weapons.

Animations included

  • Taking out the weapon
  • Putting away the weapon
  • Standing still
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Shooting (automatic or single shot depending on the weapon)
  • Reloading (with or without ammo)
  • Zooming in while idle, moving, or shooting
  • Melee attack
  • Trying to shoot with no ammo
  • Switching fire modes (for some weapons)
  • Throwing a grenade
  • Crouching
  • Jumping

File formats

  • Models and animations: FBX
  • Textures: PNG
  • Sound effects: WAV

How many polygons?

This section lists how many polygons each weapon model has. Lower polygons means the model will run better on mobile devices.

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