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License agreement: Yes

File size: 314.11 MB

Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

### Overview

Designed primarily for third-person or top-down perspectives, this package is equipped with all the necessary components to develop a shooter or RPG game. Crafted in a lightweight style, it seamlessly integrates with other compatible packs.


-Game & UI Prototyping: A compact resource pack perfect for game and UI prototyping.
- Game Card Placement & Movement: Learn how to place and move game cards on the screen, position them in your hand, or target enemies.
- Ideal for CCG Games: This template is particularly well-suited for creating collectible card games.
- Additional Demos & Templates:
  - Card pack opening
  - Shop and collection demos
  - Card database and template
- Extensive Interface Elements: Includes a vast array of icons and panels essential for creating a comprehensive game interface.

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