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License agreement: Yes

File size: 5.53 MB

Latest Version: 2.0.7

Original Unity version: 2021.3.5 or higher

All-in-One Mobile Game Development Toolkit

This toolkit provides everything you need to publish your mobile game, including essential plugins, a complete example game, and clear learning resources.

Key Features:

  • Publish with Confidence: Get all the plugins you need for monetization, user engagement, and internationalization in one package.
  • Complete Example Game: Learn by example with a fully functional game that showcases how to integrate all the included plugins.
  • Easy-to-Use Plugins: Each plugin is designed for ease of use, with minimal coding required.
  • Independent and Modular: Use only the plugins you need for your project, and they can be integrated into existing projects as well.

Included Plugins (Total Value $170):

  • All Platforms Save (Free): Save and load game data effortlessly across all supported Unity platforms.
  • Daily Rewards ($30): Boost player retention with engaging daily reward systems.
  • Easy Achievements (Free): Implement achievements and leaderboards for Google Play and App Store with minimal setup.
  • Easy IAP ($30): Monetize your game through in-app purchases with ease.
  • Localization ($30): Easily translate your game into multiple languages for a global audience.
  • Mobile Ads ($40): Display ads seamlessly across different ad networks with a single line of code.
  • Mobile Cross Promo (Free): Promote your other games within your current game for effective cross-promotion.
  • Mobile Notifications ($20): Schedule local notifications to keep players engaged.
  • Rate Game ($20): Encourage players to rate your game with a simple prompt.


  • Save Time and Money: Get everything you need for mobile game publishing in one place.
  • Simplified Development: Easy-to-use plugins reduce development complexity.
  • Enhanced Player Engagement: Integrate features proven to boost player retention and monetization.
  • Valuable Learning Tool: The included game serves as a comprehensive tutorial for using the plugins.

This toolkit is ideal for mobile game developers of all experience levels looking to streamline the publishing process and create engaging games.

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